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Mobile Command Essentials: The Single Pane of Glass Operational View

Mobile Command Essentials: The Single Pane of Glass Operational View

Laws are not enforced from a desk. They are enforced out in the world on our streets and highways by brave men and women who face unpredictable and constantly evolving threats. The Blueforce Mobile Command & Control solution leverages Blueforce’s patented mobile and sensor fusion technology and Microsoft’s powerful Azure platform to provide the law enforcement community with an operational advantage, enabling better informed and faster tactical decision making.

BlueforceCOMMAND Center software provides a single pane of glass Common Operating Picture, enabling mobile command & control of operations right from the scene as the event unfolds. BlueforceCOMMAND is designed to run on tablets, laptops, and PCs. Cruisers can run the software on MDTs or other laptops with which they are commonly equipped. For departments deploying SUVs, tactical vehicles or large “War Wagons”, BlueforceCOMMAND is at its most effective when leveraging larger PCs such as Microsoft’s Surface PC/Studio which provides superior compute and touch screen/ink capabilities.

In the Microsoft Connected Police Vehicle on display at the 2017 IACP conference, an SUV was equipped with a Surface Studio touch screen PC mounted in the rear compartment running BlueforceCOMMAND. With this setup, the SUV functions as a mobile command post, and the on-scene commander has a wide range of information available with which to make informed tactical decisions and maintain control of operations. Firearm and shot monitoring, operator physiological monitoring, environmental gas detection, streaming body-worn and aviation thermal video, and man-down sensors from multiple manufacturers were displayed on a single pane of glass using BlueforceCOMMAND for Windows. This single pane view provides a real-time “fused” view of relevant human and sensor assets minimizing the need to flip between multiple applications.  More importantly, commanders may construct their own operational view in minutes without the need for IT personnel.

BlueforceCOMMAND was designed to be flexible, interoperable, and extensible in the information it can process and display. Agencies have diverse requirements and a diverse set of resources at their disposal. BlueforceCOMMAND is designed to be easily configurable to meet the needs of every department. A BlueforceCOMMAND Center walkthrough video is available here, and our Mobile Command and Control Essentials eBook may be downloaded here.  For a live demo, call us at 866-960-0204 x1.