Blueforce for Dense Urban and Subterranean Operations: LIVE

In any crisis – whether a natural disaster, a terror attack or an industrial catastrophe – every second counts. Blueforce is integrated into a live scenario event that puts the latest crisis response innovations in first responders’ hands to help save lives at Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018).   The event is being held Nov. 5-8, 2018 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA, #OCR2018 will once again bring together dozens of innovative companies to showcase their technologies that can enhance crisis response operations.

Blueforce is proud to demonstrate our operationally proven subterranean solution’s for the Subway Terrorist Attack high intensity crisis scenario.  The Blueforce Hyper Enabled Responder will be front and center applied to a subway bombing with a secondary chemical release, and will feature the following mission critical sensors and services for subterranean operations:

1. Silvus Streamcasters for wireless subT mesh communications, PTT, and streaming responder video

2. BlueforceTACTICAL for Human and K9 Responders providing fused and secure sharing of:

  • PATRIOT Hybrid PAPR/SCBA from Wilcox Industries
  • Inertial/GPS Denied tracking
  • ALTAIR multi-gas sensors from MSA Safety
  • GammaPix and Thermo Fisher gamma radiological sensors
  • Physiological monitoring via Samsung GEAR S3 smartwatches
  • Military Working Dog/K9 low light IR imagers
  • Recognitional cognitive services to the palm of the hand
  • Native Verizon device sensors to include accelerometer, gyroscope, signal, and cameras

3. BlueforceCOMMAND for the single pane of glass operational view for forward command

4. BlueforceEDGE for responder and asset Discovery Services, Recognitional Cognitive Services, and gateway services to other visualization and higher echelon C4ISR systems.

We hope you will join us.  Registration is free through 30 September and to signup, click here to the Registration Page.