Geopolitical and even transnational shaping of highly mobile and violent burglary rings has prompted discussion and transactions across our business. These now include repeatable “method of operations” (MO’s), but also alarming tactics per compound breaches, but also armed incursions and methods that include targeted communities and homes (largely, intelligence-based identification of targets of opportunities). This is not our parent’s worry of threat to our families.

Specifically, and in the news as of this writing, are South American theft gangs, also known as “lanzas internacionales”, which represent highly organized crime groups. These groups engage in “burglary tourism”, where they travel to foreign countries to pillage, often targeting wealthy households before returning to their home country. The alarming aspect of this threat is the availability of intelligence per where and who to strike, not to mention the potential for violence when striking a household.

Currently, Chilean burglary gangs have been active in Southern California, particularly in affluent neighborhoods like Lake Sherwood, North Ranch, and Spanish Hills in Camarillo, but now New York, Miami, and Massachusetts. Yet, the footprint for these nefarious activities is expanding to include any enclaves of ultra-high net worth families. The problem is quickly expanding to all parts of the United States.  Blueforce and our partners have been tracking the tactics of these crime groups which include systematic surveillance, rapid-strike burglaries, and targeting well-fortified homes with valuable items. Law enforcement agencies are actively monitoring and addressing this surge in residential burglaries, but Blueforce and our partners have identified a number of proactive, intelligence driven capabilities that signal perimeter driven sensing that sense anomalies before the sledgehammer breaks through a window.

Perimeter detection sensors can play a crucial role in safeguarding personal properties, but also smart buildings and campuses by serving as the first line of detection per unauthorized intrusions. By establishing a virtual barrier around the premises, these systems provide early warning of potential threats, as well as baseline awareness of anomalies (stored for proactive mitigation) allowing security personnel to respond promptly and effectively. Whether it’s a school campus, corporate facility, or residential estate, the perimeter serves as the initial point of contact between the outside world and the protected area. Employing robust perimeter detection measures is paramount for enhancing overall security posture and mitigating risks.

BlueforceEDGE and BlueforceCOMMAND are two mission proven technologies that enable multi-sensor/technology fusion, with a standards-based Common Operating Picture that can be leveraged in real-time from every location on Earth (with internet access).  To learn more, call us at +1 866-960-0204 or send an email to to learn more.