Blueforce Intelligent Edge Solutions for Sensitive Site Exploitation

Blueforce Intelligent Edge Solutions for Sensitive Site Exploitation

Sensitive site exploitation (SSE) missions are often conducted far forward and without the luxuries of time and assured security. Analysis of site information has traditionally required network backhaul which has often proved elusive in electronic warfare-contested or space-contested operational environments. Even under ideal conditions, onsite forces face difficult challenges of making sense from, the volume, variety, and velocity of data encountered. Teams need to collect and triage quickly to exploit the most perishable information for immediate action and decide “what” and “to whom” to exfiltrate for offsite exploitation. For example, names and images, extracted from a device may correlate with bio-metric identification or with other wide ranges of sources, including RF detection, hyperspectral imagery, and/or gait from full motion video (FMV) analysis. Armed with tools for forward sensor fusion with edge-based processing, SSE teams can more quickly triage, exploit, and correlate data and metadata from people, objects, and documents to produce actionable intelligence and anticipate threats.

Blueforce software provides a mission critical capability for Operator-Centric Data Fusion kits which consist of hardware and software-integrated sensor devices, computer processors, and communications equipment in wearable, man-packable, man-portable (single-man lift) form factors that provide a comprehensive set of integrated capabilities for detection across multiple spectra, recognition of entities and objects of interest, and triage and exploitation of data, collected, during site exploitation without need for a back haul connection.

SSE core capabilities are extended by mission-specific software and AI/ML modules that snap into the Blueforce environment. Core capability layers consist of IoT data fusion of multiple sensor modalities, device exploitation tools, recognition agents to assess information value, and Centralized Data Analysis Platform (CDAP) that finds patterns and correlations across the separately-collected data, triaging collections for priority of analysis and alerting to opportunities for immediate action onsite. Optional mission-specific modules provided by Blueforce and our partners include, but are not limited to, Subterranean and Complex urban Terrain (SCUT) Communications Kits and Bridged Tactical to Commercial Hotspots.

Blueforce is currently working with multiple partners to deliver the ability to collect high volume, variety, and velocity of data by opening the aperture to a broad spectrum of sensor modalities, fusing sensor data with meta data to enable cognition from a combination of autonomous machine learning agents and human analytic tools from SitchAI and Amazon.  Our approach is based on a combination of the best of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms and open source technology components, and entirely built on open architecture standards to maximize interoperability, reduce sustainment cost, and allow rapid adaption to emerging technology. Core capabilities for collecting, triaging, and exploiting are augmented by mission-specific modules that enable operations in subterranean and other communications-denied, GPS-denied, or EW-contested and space-contested operational environments.

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