Learn how Blueforce is Deployed in the Fight Against Child Trafficking

Blueforce was founded with the idea that through our technology, we could have a positive impact on the world. Our products are created to enable organizations doing important things to keep their people safe and have the information that they need to make better informed and faster decisions to accomplish their missions and their goals. When we were approached by Tim Harry, owner of Severance Security asking if we would like to support Children’s Rescue Initiative (CRI), there was no way that we could turn the opportunity down.

CRI works tirelessly to rescue children who are trapped in sex trafficking and labor slavery. It is a high integrity organization believing fundamentally that all people have the right to a free life. To that end they have assembled a diverse team consisting of dedicated people from many different backgrounds. Many members of the team are ex-military and ex-law enforcement and bring their highly specialized training and skill sets to child rescue missions, most of which are conducted in foreign countries. They are doing the really hard work, and we are honored to be able to support them in their missions by providing cutting edge  Blueforce technology to them.

Our software will be used in these missions to provide real-time situational awareness both to the operators on the ground and to the Command & Control arm of the organization. CRI HQ using BlueforceCOMMAND will know where their teams are and what they are facing. Teams will not be alone and will be monitored in real time locally at a command location, and from halfway around the world in the operations center. Equipped with BlueforceTACTICAL, the rescue teams themselves, through the deployment of body-worn and unattended sensors, will have military grade information flow as well. We can think of no better use for our technology than being used to identify, locate, and rescue children who are trapped in the vicious cycle of trafficking and exploitation.

CRI operates under the concept of RESCUE, RESTORE, and RAISE UP. The rescue missions themselves are critical but in reality,  they represent the start of the work not the end. Following the successful rescue mission, children are transported to safe locations where they receive food, medical care, and critically the support they need to start the process of healing emotionally. These children have in many cases faced unimaginable trauma and CRI is staffed with highly skilled and compassionate individuals dedicated to not just removing the child from the trafficking, but also working to heal the unseen wounds of the trafficking experience within the child. Blueforce is incredibly proud to be able to support this phase of the operation as well. Our BlueforceBEACON software, originally designed to help keep mobile healthcare and social workers safe will be deployed with these critically important professionals.

Additionally, we are exploring with CRI and Severance Security paths to harden the security of the rehabilitation locations. BlueforceEDGE is designed to fuse data from cameras and other security sensors, enabling effective monitoring of facility security and advanced warning and alerting if security threats are detected. We are keen to do our part to help keep these facilities secure so that these children and the caring professionals looking after them know that they are truly in a safe facility and can focus on the important job at hand, healing and recovering from the trauma of trafficking.

Bruce Ladebu, founder of CRI recently stated: “Working with Blueforce Development has been a pleasure. Their professionalism and amazing technology are unequaled, and it is an honor partnering with them. Their involvement with our organization gives us a greater capacity to Rescue, Restore, and Raise Up children and families out of slavery and human trafficking. We look forward to our continued partnership!”

To Mr. Ladebu, we would like to say that the entire Blueforce team is honored to have the opportunity to work with his amazing team. We are excited that CRI can use our entire product set and we are proud to be able to enable new capabilities for them. It is humbling to work with a group of people so united in a vision and determined to make an impact. The opportunity to work with organizations like CRI is the very reason we exist. They enable us to realize our goal of creating technology that has real positive impact. They are the people out in the world doing something truly important and we will always be thankful for the opportunity to support them.

If you are interested in supporting CRI you can learn more about this amazing organization here: https://lnkd.in/e2r7uAi.