Canton Police Expand Smart City Technology Footprint in Canton Ohio

After a successful six-month phase 1, Canton Police Department is rolling out Wi-Fiber’s Connect-n-Protect platform, integrated with Blueforce, to four additional areas of Canton

NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS, Blueforce Development Corporation, a leader in edge-based situational awareness and IoT/sensors for Smart Cities and Public Safety, today announced the expansion of the Canton, Ohio rollout of Wi-Fiber’s Connect-n-Protect platform, integrated with Blueforce, to four additional areas of Canton. This news comes after a successful phase one, which was initially deployed as a replacement for Canton’s ShotSpotter system, and as part of a general technology refresh for the city.

In late 2019, Canton deployed the Wi-Fiber Connect-n-Protect platform and integrated solution with Blueforce technology enabling the ad-hoc sensor fusion in the lamps which included sub 15-second gunshot reporting with estimated location of discharge. Phase 2 of the deployment includes Wi-Fiber and Blueforce capability to new high-profile areas in the city. As well, capabilities have been extended to include infrastructure health monitoring, additional deployments of Blueforce technology to mobile police resources, and multiple AI powered outcomes to more quickly notify Canton dispatch and mobile police officers of an event, even before the first call comes into the Canton 911 center.

While Canton initially procured the joint solution for distributed gunshot detection, Canton police quickly realized the platform could be rapidly extended to support a wide array of public safety needs to include cognitive service outcomes through the use of object identification, crowd counts, and more. Furthermore, Canton quickly saw the value in the speed of moving and sharing actionable intelligence with the Real Time Crime Center, but also with mobile and proximate police personnel.

New recognitional capabilities include:

  • Vehicle collision detection
  • Automated License Plate Recognition
  • Object Identification
  • Crowd formation

“With the Wi-Fiber Connect-n-Protect Platform and Blueforce, we’ve been able to receive stolen vehicle alerts from the lamp based license plate recognition services in seconds, have been able to track the cars on the lamp-based cameras, and we’ve been able to make arrests without pursuits,“ said Jack Angelo, Canton Police Chief. “Eventually our plan, of course, is to have most all of the city covered”. The department is also working with Wi-Fiber to install additional network capabilities and Blueforce technology for Canton Parks and Recreation.

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