It is most assuredly not our parent’s world. We suddenly find ourselves in a new world where the pandemic and serious spikes in crime have implications to our critical infrastructure, our schools, our businesses, and our people. Cybersecurity remains a concern, but physical security in our personal and professional lives is now front and center. Recent attacks and attempted attacks internationally present a diverse and non-predictable threat environment.

Sadly, violent acts have become a significant risk in our work lives and many catastrophic incidents have been reported by headline news. Recent events have shaken the sense of serenity and security that has characterized our work environments, fixed or mobile. While the risk of serious violence remains somewhat low, particularly in its most extreme forms, the potential consequences to people and businesses can be devastating and long-lasting.

Mobile delivery workers face increasing and significant risk of job-related violence. Pick up any newspaper and one can find reports of personal attacks and in a few cases, loss of life of workers that venture into our neighborhoods and homes to deliver goods, provide in-home health care, and support and protect those at risk.

If you are considering solutions to protect your workers, this eBook is for you. The marketplace is rife with “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” big red button hardware solutions, but none of them provide the environmental intelligence and ground truth intelligence needed to properly mitigate and deal with life threatening situations. Muddying the waters further, the total cost of ownership (TCO) between solutions varies dramatically.

Knowledge is power, and this eBook will make the case for software-based life safety solution for Delivery Workers. Download our free eBook to learn more.

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