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Gaining real-time access to the wide array of video sources at an incident location has always been one of the "golden rings" of interest for on-scene Command. We largely trust our eyes and value visual confirmation as we consider the criticality and impacts of the decisions that need to be made. For incident-based video sources and the associated live streaming, low latency influences the sense...

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Whether you are involved in executive protection, campus safety, or manage teams of mobile "lone workers", a fundamental requirement exists to keep track of people and to ensure their safety as they go about their day. BlueforceBEACON is a highly secure software based emergency notification system that provides a safety net. The product delivers location services, secure text communications, covert emergency camera triggering, “listen live”...

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It’s the same kit we have deployed for more than 10 years for border counter-terrorism joint task forces. A kit that is airline checkable (46 lbs; 32" L x 20" W x 9" H) and provides communications, sensor fusion, and a distributed common operating picture that crosses domains, agencies, and networks. More importantly, a kit that isn’t confined to a single vehicle and can be...

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