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CANTON OHIO: It's home to the Football Hall of Fame, Kent State University, and now Wi-Fiber’s Smart City and Real Time Crime Center, powered by BlueforceEDGE, for distributed gunshot intelligence and more. Wi-Fiber manufactures a best-in-class Smart City Platform which leverages BlueforceEDGE to fuse a wide array of pluggable and dynamically adaptable sensors in the lamp head which include: Lighting control, two-way microphones, speakers, 4K...

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It has been called many names: distributed cloud, fog computing, and 4th generation data center, but with the impending mass deployment of 5G a variant of distributed cloud is more commonly referred to as "multi-access edge computing" or "MEC". The idea behind MEC is to deliver compute, bandwidth, and micro services much closer to the end user and IoT devices for faster and more informed...

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Announcing Blueforce Discovery Services V2 plugin for BlueforceEDGE The movie Jurassic Park features an enjoyable scene where Ian Malcom (played by Jeff Goldblum) attempts to explain chaos theory to Dr. Sattler (played by Laura Dern) where he drops a bead of water onto Sattler’s knuckle and shares how “tiny variations, the orientation of hairs on your hand, the amount of blood distending your vessels vastly affects...

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