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Integrated K9 Operations: MWD/K9 as a Sensing Platform

Integrated K9 Operations: MWD/K9 as a Sensing Platform

From seeing to sensing…  Blueforce Field Day 2017 is scheduled for June 1, 2017 at TSE headquarters in Fayetteville, NC and features a track focused on MWD/K9 as a Sensing platform.  Working dogs deliver superior service for national security missions because they are a highly effective sensing platform. Although canine motility extends human ingress and egress capabilities, limitations of physiology, distance, and communications, still pose challenges to scaling their effects.

Mitigation, planning, response, and recovery are functions that are played out every day within all-hazard occupations globally. Our human responders, operators, investigators, and specialists will blend significant training, technology, experience, and team work to mitigate the unknowns. Even with all this expertise the high stakes missions require redundancies to reduce jeopardy. One of the most reliable resources falls upon “Man’s best friend”.

Today, canines are used for a whole host of protective services: protection, security, life safety, tactical support, and the detection of contraband including illicit drugs, explosives and biological and chemical agents. Highly trained canines, when fused with Blueforce’s mobile solutions create the ultimate primary detection, and search tool, while also delivering the ultimate deterrence solution.

Whether our four legged friends are deployed for service in the Secret Service, Law Enforcement, DoD, Search & Rescue, or other missions, the health, wellness, and injury prevention remains one of the most essential goals to ensure success and survivability of these important assets and their handlers. The objective capability is a working animal that can perform as an extensible sensor platform.

Blueforce delivers a stronger canine platform; more efficient and effective in their prospective mission sets. Blueforce delivers this by blending their natural and taught skills with best in class sensor augmentation technologies. This powerful combination allows the handler to integrate mission specific sensors and monitors as part of the canine delivery package. Thus, allowing real-time remote communications from the canine to the handler, thereby delivering mobile occupational health, wellness, and medical surveillance to reduce risks and increase longevity of service.

Blueforce Development Corporation is experienced in fusing canine-attached biotelemetry, multi-gas, radiological, and other environmental sensors, amplifying K9 effectiveness in traditional missions and opening the door to an emergent integrated K9 operations. This capability will be on display at our Field Day at TSE headquarters in Fayetteville, NC on June 1, 2017. For more information on the event, please visit our Event page at https://www.blueforcedev.com/events/fayetteville2017/