The REAL face of Sensor Fusion for Counter-Terrorism Operations

The REAL face of Sensor Fusion for Counter-Terrorism Operations

Counter-terrorism operations take so many shapes across the national security landscape.  We have been there first hand, from Iraq to the African continent, to New York City.  Our heros in New York City present one way, while our friends who jump into new found tunnels on the border present another.  Our participation in Military Working Dog programs and how they leverage our technology never ceases to amaze us.  In all cases, COURAGE is the word.  Thrusting oneself into an environment that presents morbidity is the very definition of courage.  Yet technology can add an additional layer of protection and sense-making that makes the “jump” easier. This where Blueforce shines.

The “hero” image for this post shows a real-world deployment on the west coast of the United States: One @KyoceraMobile #mobile device, @blueforcedev BTAC, @MSAsafety gas sensor, @thermofisher RADEYE PRD, and @MicrosoftPSNS Band2 health sensor fused and shared amongst other first responders and command.

BlueforceTACTICAL has been deployed in a varied set of hostile environments to include transit counter-explosive and even subterranean border operations.  What sets us apart is sustainability (we support our software and ship updates every 30 days), extensibility (we ship support for new sensors every month), and interoperability (we support open standards and provide a documented and supported API/SDK).  Our plugin APIs and SDKs mean every agency, and every enterprise, can extend our platform to embrace non-predictive sensors and information services.  We offer a “future-proof” way forward.

Our adversaries take advantage of open source and readily available internet technologies.  We do the same and then some.  The Blueforce platform enables supported, sustainable, and extensible support for ANY sensor or service that exposes a secure interface.  Interoperable interfaces that embrace web services, smart building sensing, and open interfaces that take advantage of analytics, rules, and other “smart” services are supported and are weaved into the Blueforce environment.  Blueforce extensibility to these services is measured in HOURS, not weeks or months.

The image shown above represents a single deployed endpoint, enabled in minutes, for a major California city for New Years Even special events. 24 SWAT, Police, Fire, and EMS teams deployed in minutes with two far forward command posts and two rear echelon fusion centers all enabled by Blueforce; all with a shared fused situational view.