Whether you are involved in executive protection, campus safety, or manage teams of mobile “lone workers”, a fundamental requirement exists to keep track of people and to ensure their safety as they go about their day. BlueforceBEACON is a highly secure software based emergency notification system that provides a safety net. The product delivers location services, secure text communications, covert emergency camera triggering, “listen live” capability, and provides situational awareness of end-user movement and position. Built on Blueforce’s patented location and sensor fusion platform, BlueforceBEACON endpoints can be autonomously monitored where no personnel are required and panic notifications are done with email and SMS.

It’s an ideal and cost-effective solution for lone workers who work in the community, but also hostile environments (i.e., gases, heat) that include:

  • Visiting nurses
  • Social workers
  • K-12 Educators
  • Allied Health Workers
  • Utilities/Confined Space
  • Petroleum, oil, and gas (POG)
  • Corrections/Parole

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