Situational awareness is a critical component for Incident Commanders making life and death decisions in time constrained environments. As the internet has matured, and public safety IoT/sensors are deployed, the commander now has access to a wide array of data that transcends mere location and map markups.

With this proliferation of public safety sensors, drones, robotics, and now smart city infrastructure, the commander has an ever richer set of data from which to make more informed decisions.  Too often though, manufacturers create “stovepipes” of data forcing commanders and responders access many apps to consume information, which introduces delay and also forces the user to make sense of the data versus giving them the EXACT data they need.

So how can you manage multiple mission critical data sets and devices on a single pane of glass? This podcast we did with our partner SYNNEX will give you a great overview and ideas on how you can.

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