Blueforce has been working diligently over the last six months on our new BlueforceTACTICAL and BlueforceEDGE ports to Linux. Much of our work has been in developing next generation Blueforce Plugins for the Linux platform that support and extend capability to shrink the footprint, but also the Space, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements such that the code can run on “System on Chip” containers, but also scale to take full advantage of distributed and high end compute in edge environments (ala CUBIC/DTECH M3 family of products).

We have also been focusing on core capabilities that deliver on the promise of distributed compute, but also swarm intelligence, where soon to be announced plugins make sense of what is going on with the individual user, but also looks across the entire deployed team for better sense-making and cognitive support. As important, is establishing the baseline services. To that end, we are announcing the first five core plugins and capabilities which are in Beta testing now:

  • Location Services Bus: When we look across all of the public sector customers that rely on our technology, Location and PLI comes from a variety of sources that each address a specific modality that includes interior tracking and subterranean. To that end, we have delivered a Location Services Bus plus reference Location Services Plugin which allows Blueforce for LINUX to quickly (manually or via API) select the best source of location. Furthermore, this “bus” allows BlueforceTACTICAL LINUX to be embedded in autonomous platforms like drones, robotics, and other, but also the controllers used to direct the platforms.
  • Tactical Data Gateway: Blueforce knows that agencies may have a preferred “moving map” and look to Blueforce to surface location, fused sensors data, and notification services to said interface. Blueforce is proud to announce our Tactical Data Gateway Plugin which allows Blueforce ingested and processed IoT and AI services to be queried by third party applications running on the same enduser device and/or on the personal area network.
  • Video Stream Plugin: Video continues to be a dominant sensing service and our new Video Stream Plugin for Blueforce LINUX allows video streams to be securely, and selectively, shared that originate on the endpoint. Like the Location Services Bus referenced above, this sidecar capability further extends the utility of Blueforce embedded in autonomous platforms, fusing location and multimedia into a single stream of data.
  • System Resources Plugin: Monitors device resources that include power, storage, memory, and CPU utilization and calculates a “resource” factor which is shared amongst subscribers and with logic on the individual device. This allows routines running on the local device to be aware of available compute, but also enables awareness of other team member devices that fuel decision support algos that make distributed compute possible.
  • Localhost Config Tool: Ditch the command line. We have been told that field configurability using a simple web-based interface on the SAME device is a critical capability. Our new Localhost Configuration tool makes field configuration a breeze, and layers an extra level of authentication to ensure secure access to device settings.

Next up: Multi-variant threat detection and Machine Learning Plugins. For more information, send an email to or call us at +1 866-960-0204.