Blueforce helps cut through the onslaught of perishable edge IoT data by enabling collections of human, silicon, and AI endpoints that interact with the physical world with sense-making across the collective. Our new BlueforceLINUX IoT fusion platform was built to enable swarm intelligence in a soldier worn form factor and is optimized for CUBIC/DTECH’s full line of tactical edge compute form factors, and screams on the new M3-LITE.

The M3-Lite is a compact & rugged computer which is designed for body-worn or light vehicle deployments. With an efficient Intel Atom quad-core processor, 8GB DDR3 memory, and 512GB of on-board storage, the M3-LITE provides the ideal platform for reliably running embedded software in any situation, right at the tactical edge. The unit supports a wide range of 64-bit operating systems including Windows 10, Linux, and VMware ESXi. For complex networking tasks, the M3-LITE offers gigabit networking and compatibility with Cisco’s Embedded Services Router 5921. The included USB3 port and Display Port video output extend sensor ingestion and data dissemination capabilities.

Blueforce’s new BlueforceLINUX platform now enables mobile edge compute for fused Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) with AI, and runs on the sensor head, on body worn compute, and on autonomous platforms. It sports our patented Decentralized Fusion Engine and is fully extensible using software plugins built with our API/SDK allowing new IoBT sensor support, from concept to capability, in days. Two new plugins will ship with BlueforceLINUX to enable swarm intelligence and interoperability:

  • BlueforceLINUX XPRES Transformer Plugin: Runs on the M3-LITE and converts Blueforce’s Extended Presence Protocol, the fused collection of sensor and AI meta-data, to JSON. A REST interface allows authorized third party applications running on the same device, or, on the soldier’s Personal Area Network, to access fused Blueforce data in a super secure manner.
  • BlueforceLINUX Resource Monitor Plugin: Shares available compute (i.e., CPU/GPU, processor speed, workload) across every authorized Blueforce endpoint in the collective, setting the stage for swarm compute and distributed processing.

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