Technology for smart buildings, retail, and intelligent entertainment districts deliver useful services that make experiences for occupants and shoppers more intimate, safe, and satisfying. Smart buildings use information technology during operation to connect a variety of subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimize productivity and experience. Smart buildings look beyond the building equipment within their four walls. They are connected and responsive to environmental systems, and they interact with business operators and occupants to empower them with new levels of visibility and actionable information.

Core to all of this is IoT sensors, machine learning, and digital display with an emphasis on multi-sensor fusion and cueing to deliver powerful intelligence-driven real-time outcomes, but also historical and trend data that can drive experience and create brand intimacy. Blueforce is thrilled to announce support for the AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter via our new 3D People Counter Plugin for BlueforceEDGE which uses images delivered by two sensors to generate a 3D depth map for real-time counting of people passing through a pre-defined area. 3D imaging allows the counter to determine the size and height of moving objects, enabling taller objects (people) to be distinguished from smaller objects. This means the counter avoids counting things like carts, strollers, and shadows. The Axis 3D People Counter is ideal for counting people in challenging conditions where there are shadows, strong sunlight, glares, or high volumes of foot traffic. It’s especially useful in areas with revolving doors or unconventional entrances.

3D People Counters can be deployed at one or more entrances or at strategic choke points inside a location to deliver anonymous insights per the flow of people through an area. The data can then be shared in real time via BlueforceEDGE with other buildings sensors and stream analytics to help optimize business and retail operations. Simultaneously, data is persisted that helps identify peak visitor times, allocate staff optimally, and leverage for purpose and intelligence driven marketing and merchandising.

With the world entering yet another wave of COVID-19, the Blueforce plugin also provides real-time estimated occupancy levels, and provides data on the number of people present in your premises or in a certain area. This insight can be used to throttle traffic inside a venue while helping understand visitor flow and occupancy trends so businesses can improve how a space is used, and take measures if occupancy exceeds set thresholds.

The new 3D People Counter Plugin for BlueforceEDGE provides an array of capability that includes:

  1. Real-time occupancy counting that can trigger an array of actions using our Inter-Process Messaging interface to query and cue other sensors.
  2. Hourly trending data that is stored and can be called for use in marketing and merchandising campaigns.
  3. Native interfaces into our new Orchestration Engine Plugin (coming soon) which monitors a wide array of data coming from other Blueforce Sensor plugins, and applied to business rules, “and/or” operators, and orchestrates intelligent workflows and multi-sensor cueing.
  4. Works out of the box with our Samsung MagicINFO Plugin for BlueforceEDGE to dynamically change content on one, many, and/or all Samsung Intelligent displays in a store or facility.

To learn more, or request participation in our Beta program, send an email to, or call us at +1 866-960-0204.