Since the founding of public education, schools have been charged with the safety of children in their care – a duty to protect. Recent events have shaken the sense of serenity and security that has characterized most school campuses. While the risk of serious violence on school campuses is remarkably low, particularly in its most extreme forms, the potential consequences can be devastating and long-lasting for a community.

A smart and connected campus leverages best-in-class sensors and AI to ensure safety and security for the physical facility, faculty, and students by leveraging technology to predict and respond, in real-time, to activities and events in a highly dynamic environment.

Schools can now leverage the same “curtains of detection” with sensors, fusion, and cueing technologies used by national-level defense and homeland security agencies here and abroad. The Blueforce product line supports a wide array of sensors, AI algorithms, and can correlate detections across dissimilar sensors using various multi-variant threat detection algorithms and communications workflows. This Blueforce eBook shares information on new tools and capabilities for school safety and security and includes:

  • Shared and distributed situational awareness via “Single Pane of Glass” dashboards that eliminate silos of information.
  • Multi-variant sensing and cueing: Curtains of detection that can provide advanced warning of threat before it makes its way into the building.
  • Autonomous Orchestration: Extending sensor cueing to autonomously orchestrate information sharing on digital signage, but also interact with building controls like access control systems and more.
  • Classroom Ground Truth: Communications tools that provide location, but also voice and text chat so that administrators and first responders can receive real-time information from inside of classrooms.
  • Recognitional Support: Privacy-assured artificial intelligence tools that provide additional precision for threat detection and mitigation, delivering faster identification and reaction.

Our new eBook “5 School Safety and Security Essentials” is now available.  Watch this blog for excerpts from the eBook.

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