Force protection (FP) is a multi-dimensional pursuit, incorporating many operational concepts including prescribed personnel TTPs and multiple technology areas. The scope of facility-based FP spans a wide spectrum of activities directed toward the protection and management of personnel, assets, facilities and real property, crossing multiple functional, organizational and security domains. Security, surveillance, and intrusion detection are integrated into force protection, but their resources and infrastructure require management for operational efficiency.

The goal of Integrated Defense (ID) is to mitigate potential risks and defeat adversary threats to DoD operations within the base boundary and the base security zone. The growing multiplicity and confluence of hostile, criminal, manmade, and natural threats in unpredictable and constantly changing operational environments have spurred fundamental changes to security policies and procedures. Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition can accelerate the transition from resource-based defense posture to a risk-based defense posture and from compliance-based operations to effects-based operations.

Innovation in sensor technologies now supports diverse sensor modalities for detecting threats. One impediment to the success of these solutions is the fact that sensors are not designed to interoperate. This results in silos of data reducing sensor value by limiting inter-sensor correlation. Blueforce Development Corp’s platform exists to break these stove pipes, fostering interoperability and bringing sophisticated AI capabilities to the decision-making process enabling a commander to make better informed force protection decisions.  To learn more, download our new eBook using the button below, or, fill out our CONTACT ME form on this website.

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