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Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce BlueBeacon offer mobile teams an unprecedented level of shared situational awareness during lone worker, fire, hazmat, chemical, radiological, and explosives incident responses. While Blueforce manufactures best-in-class mobile software for deployed teams, these teams leverage smart devices upon which Blueforce software executes to take advantage of the fused sensing, location, and information sharing services that Blueforce software provides. While these types of...

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The beauty of being human is that most of us live our lives believing the best in others and that life will be normal and predictive. We expect that things are always orderly and too often, that events that suddenly break the mold of normalcy, aren't as bad as we might want to consider. Our brain is predisposed to assume that things will carry on...

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With a stated challenge by government officials in shortening what is known as the sensor-to-shooter cycle - the amount of time it takes from when a hostile threat is detected by a sensor - either human or electronic - and when it is attacked, Blueforce Tactical and emerging sensing platforms deliver a closed loop and rapidly adaptable hardware/software platform for real-time sensing leveraging already deployed...

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