OPS15 Dragon and Alpha Canis Training Event

Knowledge is power.  Successful tactical training is even better.  OPS15 and Alpha Canis will be hosting a 2-Day training event at their Southfield Training Facility and Blueforce will be there.  This dynamic training event will give participants from the public safety, military, and private sector an opportunity to share some ideas and knowledge on best practices from a diverse group of instructors relative to the threats we face today. Short duration scenarios will be scheduled each day for operators to get “hands on” with readily available gear and apply some recommended tactics, techniques, and procedures while sharpening their individual skill sets.  Blueforce will be providing “next generation” technical capabilities that are deployed today with the nation’s finest tier one outfits and top-5 cities.  Training Topics and Demonstrations:
  • Counter IED Dismounted Operations
  • SWAT Interoperability
  • K9 Searches and Deployment
  • Tools & Technology
  • Threat Protection
  • Person Borne IED’s
  • Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Coordinated Attacks
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Tactical Movements
  • Clandestine HME/Drug labs
Our Southfield Training Facility provides for a wide range of training environments to include enclosed structures and buildings, wooded areas, open areas, as well as movie sets which deliver next generation Hogans Alley capabilities.  This unique location will provide the perfect setting for those who are dedicated to preparing for and preventing hazardous threats. This training will be provided for military and first responders at no cost. We hope you will join us so together; we can stay ahead of the threat.  Attendance is limited and provided first come, first vetted, and first served.  To sign up, click here.