Squishy Robotics and Blueforce Development Corporation are working to integrate our technologies to provide an improved user interface (UI) experience for our customers by enabling the data obtained from Squishy Robots to be displayed and shared on the Blueforce software platform. Blueforce, which is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, provides advanced sensor fusion/data sharing capabilities for enhanced tactical decision support and situational awareness.

At present, the Squishy Robotics robots communicate 360-degree camera visuals, GPS data, and historical and real-time assessments of sensor data to the Blueforce software platform. We are currently working with the Blueforce API to develop new code that will improve the format and display of our sensor data. Another area of development is supporting simultaneous communications from multiple robots.

This work will result in an integrated product featuring the rapid deployment of sensors using Squishy Robotics robots and the Blueforce Sensor Fusion Platform to aggregate and display relevant data in the field to incident command during operations. With improved usability and video streaming, this integration will enable commanders and first responders to receive time-critical data and will improve situational awareness (by providing heat maps and hazard probabilities, for example) for the on-the-ground decision makers.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Squishy Robotics,” said Blueforce COO Bill Gellman. “Our company’s mission is to deliver best-in-class solutions for the fusion/delivery of data from deployed sensors at the tactical edge. Our work with Squishy Robotics will enable our users to rapidly obtain visual and chemical sensor data during natural disasters and other emergencies, enabling life-saving situational awareness. That is a big win for our security and first responder customers as well as for the public at large.”

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