Our nation’s stadiums, arenas, and concert venues host millions of people each year for special events. The majority of these venues will not contend with an extreme emergency during any given year. However, as we have seen in Las Vegas and more recently in Houston, consequences of extreme activity at these events, whether caused by human violence, natural disaster or another factor can be devastating on a personal, community and even national level. Blueforce edge-based software solutions leverage our patented mobile and sensor fusion technology to provide stadium and arena security teams with an operational advantage, enabling better informed, and faster tactical decision making by “connecting” dots instead of merely “collecting” dots.

A recent survey asked sports fans what they would like to see changed and improved upon to enhance their stadium experience. 60.3% said that they want better WIFI with another 42.5% wanting better entry and egress that can manage vehicular and foot traffic flow more efficiently. 34% indicated that their experience was too often disrupted by rowdy or drunken fans, and that these disruptions should be better managed.  Essentially, a fan desire for safety, security, and an enhanced experience.

Blueforce software is used globally in defense, national security, counter-terrorism, and for critical infrastructure protection. Our field proven technology leverages devices, sensors, and networks that are already present and in place in the arena or stadium environment, but also provides a future-proof path to new and emerging IoT sensors and AI.  For the stadium and arena operator, Blueforce enables dual-use of existing and new security sensors to also enhance the fan experience allowing the venue to leverage a wide array of commercial, off-the-shelf sensors, AI, and edge compute for:

  • Smart multi-purpose sensing platforms
  • Fused gunshot detection with access control cueing
  • Fused and anonymous signal sensors
  • Fused ground radar for counting human and vehicular traffic with direction of travel and more
  • Loiter, crowd-counting, and behavioral detection
  • The role of intelligent displays and public address systems as part of sensor cueing
  • Secure and distributed Single Pane of Glass command interfaces

Learn how Blueforce software solutions enhance decision-making capabilities in time constrained decision environments and enables personnel charged with maintaining security and safety to make more informed decisions faster, leading to a better operational outcome and enhanced life safety for both event participants, employees, and stadium/arena security staff.   Download our new eBook today.

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