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While cloud-based analytics and AI services can provide high-value recognitional services across imagery and data, too often data communications back to the cloud are jittery and quite often denied due to the crush of requests related to the incident, hampering access. Moving recognitional and computation services to the edge ensures access, but also delivers an ultra-low latency solution in time constrained environments. BlueforceEDGE is our autonomous...

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Our nation’s stadiums, arenas, and concert venues host millions of people each year for special events. The majority of these venues will not contend with an extreme emergency during any given year. However, as we have seen in Las Vegas and more recently in Houston, consequences of extreme activity at these events, whether caused by human violence, natural disaster or another factor can be devastating...

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Exciting times indeed.  Our partnership with Wilcox Industries, Samsung, Providence UK, Tactical Equipements FR and VARSPEX (CA) plus active international engagement pushes Blueforce rapidly into global markets as we add new service providers, value added resellers, and technology partners. With these partnerships comes expansion into new geographies, here in the United States, but also globally. With these new geos comes the need to support a...

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