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You know it's bad when you are driving south against a 120-mile rolling backup of vehicles which are headed north.  There are fights at the gas stations.  When Blueforce was asked to pre-deploy with our emergency communications gear to Jefferson Parish in the hours before Hurricane Gustav was to come ashore, we beat the storm by a mere 60 minutes and bunked at a courthouse...

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With a stated challenge by government officials in shortening what is known as the sensor-to-shooter cycle - the amount of time it takes from when a hostile threat is detected by a sensor - either human or electronic - and when it is attacked, Blueforce Tactical and emerging sensing platforms deliver a closed loop and rapidly adaptable hardware/software platform for real-time sensing leveraging already deployed...

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Blueforce Partners with flowthings.io and Senaya to Deliver a Life Saving Solution for Military and Police Working Dog Transportation Every year police and military working dogs die after being left in unattended and overheated vehicles. In almost every case, the handler was diligent in ensuring vehicle air conditioning was on, but engines are known to stop or overheat, which results in super-heated air being pushed into...

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