One mobile device for location, sensor fusion, collaboration, and now mobile video streaming. If you have followed our social long enough, you know that we are totally focused on REAL-TIME situational awareness. We wake up at night thinking about new forms of relevant information we can share amongst responders, but also their commanders, which changes the life safety and operational efficiency equation. Let’s protect our responders while we bring home

Verbal descriptions of what is happening at an incident scene via land mobile radio (LMR) is valuable, but the ability to see what is happening in real-time is priceless to a commander tasked with making high-stakes decisions on-scene. These same video streams are equally valuable to the operators executing the tactical action. Blueforce Mobile Command & Control solutions makes live video streams available to commander using BlueforceCOMMAND, but also to

Every year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition delivers a powerful multi-day program that consists of unmatched educational tracks, renowned keynote speakers, and the largest collection of technology solutions available for law enforcement. Blueforce is proud to announce our participation at IACP 2017 through partnership with Microsoft and Harris Corporation. Michael Helfrich, Blueforce CEO, will present in the Microsoft Public Safety Innovation Theater (Booth

General Tony Thomas recently said, “We need to go from just seeing to sensing and from just assessing to anticipating.” Multi-sensor fusion in Blueforce provides operators with the means to overcome the limitations of detection threshold and vulnerabilities to deception and defeat by obscuration. Rapid network formation allows cueing and alerts from a wide array of sensors for everything from environmental sampling to physiological monitoring to hazard detection, worn by

The Blueforce WBGT Heat Illness Prevention solution has been designed through collaboration with EHS specialists specifically to provide an effective tool for monitoring workers and ensuring adherence to your organization’s heat safety protocols. At the core of the solution is the Blueforce real-time awareness software platform combined with the rugged Nielsen-Kellerman Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker Wet Bulb Global Temperature (WBGT) meter . WBGT provides an accurate environmental measure of

Knowledge is power.  Successful tactical training is even better.  OPS15 and Alpha Canis will be hosting a 2-Day training event at their Southfield Training Facility and Blueforce will be there.  This dynamic training event will give participants from the public safety, military, and private sector an opportunity to share some ideas and knowledge on best practices from a diverse group of instructors relative to the threats we face today. Short

Here at Blueforce, we think back just ten years ago and the state of personal computing at the time. We were fresh out of Iraq and post-9/11 and simple gamecam capabilities could run a DoD unit upwards of $80,000 a sensor. Military and emergency management groups alike have long been keen for sensors that can be left behind if need be. Ones that are inexpensive and disposable if necessary. Today’s

Innovation can be a rare thing these days. Especially in big cities and towns where change is most difficult, yet these places can derive huge benefits from information. Hearing New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell speak this week, we have a whole new appreciation of State and Local innovation. Mayor Mitchell has a very progressive view for IoT in the city of New Bedford which has a total population of 95,072,

Whether you are involved in executive protection, campus safety, or manage teams of mobile “lone workers”, a fundamental requirement exists to keep track of people and to ensure their safety as they go about their day. Blueforce BlueBeacon is a patent-pending, highly secure software tracker and “panic button” for Android and iOS that provides a safety net for those who require personal protection, work in remote and potentially hazardous environments,