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The first 72 hours after a natural/manmade disaster are critical hours that make or break the speed of recovery. Power is gone. Terrestrial communications are denied if available at all. Worse, a nonpredictive inter-agency mash-up is about to hit and with it comes an interoperability nightmare. The ability to positively impact recovery requires communications and the rapid standup of mobile command in denied, disparate, and...

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Battlefield, disaster response, and public safety sustainment is both an art and science; it’s about synchronizing, integrating, and transporting commodities in a highly “just-in-time” manner to provide maneuver and incident commanders with freedom of action, extended operational reach, and prolonged endurance. As it turns out, the “science” of sustainment is not terribly difficult as it is grounded in basic math and computation, based on real-time...

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For decades now, public safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems have provided a reliable, albeit geographically limited, communications backbone and baseline for related command and control systems for public safety agencies. These legacy LMR systems are often limited to the geographic areas of the agency/agencies being served and, in many cases, there may be multiple public safety LMR systems in the same geographic area using...

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