It’s the same kit we have deployed for more than 10 years for border counter-terrorism joint task forces. A kit that is airline checkable (46 lbs; 32″ L x 20″ W x 9″ H) and provides communications, sensor fusion, and a distributed common operating picture that crosses domains, agencies, and networks. More importantly, a kit that isn’t confined to a single vehicle and can be moved in minutes featuring a footprint that is military and civilian transport friendly. As important, a future-proof and sustainable platform that can embrace and extend today’s ground sensors, autonomous platforms, and information services, with tomorrow’s.

The kit delivers power conversion combined with compute and communications enabling far edge operations with minimal backhaul. With support for location services, unattended ground sensors, body worn sensors, drones, and various information services, this kit gets you to work FAST and includes the following core capabilities:

  1. Power Conversion: Includes a 1500 watt 12VDC to 120VAC to power the compute, communications, and display.
  2. Compute: Intel i7 processor with loads of RAM for localized network services, but also for video streaming services and forward sensor and information service fusion.
  3. Samsung Display: Available with industrial grade flat screen or curved screen monitor which tucks securely into the rollaway kit. DeX Dock to leverage your Samsung S9 or S10 for compute and BlueforceCOMMAND HTML5 display.
  4. Edge-Based Sensor Fusion: BlueforceEDGE with licenses for up to five (5) video or service endpoints to support drones, robotics, K9 video, and more.
  5. Blueforce MEC HyperLocal Services: Plugins for BlueforceEDGE that provide hyperlocal services, discovery services, localized video distribution, and iFrame services (for localized weather, and/or customer supplied information services).
  6. BlueforceCOMMAND Common Operating Picture: Build YOUR view of the incident scene through enduser constructible dashboards and teams for a truly single pane of glass view enabling superior decision support in time constrained decision environments.

ORDER BEFORE MARCH 31, 2021 and get 12 one-year BlueforcePATROL for Android or iOS licenses for FREE.

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