To help first responders handle the worldwide spread of COVID-19, Blueforce Development and Zebra have partnered closely to offer a situational awareness platform that can be rapidly deployed by law enforcement agencies. Blueforce provides an easy-to-use subscriber interface to securely connect with people, sensors, and AI services in seconds, using Zebra rugged mobile devices to capture data and remain connected in critical environments. Utilizing the Android or Windows operating system, public safety personnel can be grouped to form customized responder networks to counter simultaneous incidents and adapt to continuously evolving needs.

This Blueforce and Zebra partnership gives law enforcement and emergency management agencies and departments real-time awareness of personnel location and extends advanced collaborative capabilities from the operations center to the tactical edge. Utilizing rugged mobile tablets and computers running enterprise-grade Android or Windows 10 to maximize operational uptime, personnel have the ability to share information in real time via chat, as well as transmit photos, sensor data, documents, and view live video feeds.

Zebra’s marking, tracking, mobile scanning and printing technologies enable unprecedented connectivity and accurate real-time data capture across your total environment, from physical assets to personnel. If you need innovative tools that enable faster, more reliable and more secure delivery of services in the face of today’s biggest threats, you need Zebra.

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