Balancing privacy and public health, while providing real time informatics to detect “viral blooms” in Smart Cities

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in an era of unprecedented uncertainty. For businesses, the virus has introduced unparalleled issues with business continuity, supply chain disruptions, and employee health. If there is one thing history has shown us, it’s that pandemics are known to occur in waves. Infections spike, peak, and taper off, only to rebound and repeat the process later.

The COVID-19 Second Wave world will most assuredly look very different; at least until a vaccine and effective treatments become available. The way we work, the way we learn, and the way products and services are delivered to market will look very different. Traditional working models will need to be rethought, affecting technology, daily processes, workforce policy, and working norms. We are seeing this now with First Wave delivery of education and an emphasis on new collaboration models.

COVID-19 has global markets working to balance pandemic control while ensuring the world economy doesn’t move into a global depression. Consistent with these goals is the delicate dance of reopening businesses, government, and transportation while working to keep the infection curve flat. Yet, some will ignore guidance around moving about with elevated body temperature and symptoms.

As the coronavirus pandemic moves into a Second Wave and we begin to reopen our economies, businesses must put solutions in place that can help slow the spread of the virus, but also keep employees and customers safe. With this comes a need for solutions that can detect elevated human body temperature as customers, employees, and contractors enter a facility. A solution that can be extended to integrate with other sensors to identify “hotspots” where human clusters occur inside of the workplace.

Blueforce is partnering with Samsung Display and FastSensor to deliver our new Frontline Temperature Detection System which leverages thermal radiometry in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, with government, commercial and industrial entities who are eager to detect elevated body temperatures that may indicate fever. The system provides an extensible “standoff” elevated body temperature detection solution that doesn’t impede human traffic flow and provides a wide array of notification and workflow options, to include logging and messaging with maintenance crews for enhanced facility cleaning.

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Standoff Surveillance Datasheet