During the Spring of 2021, we supported The Digital Decision by donating and installed public safety technology solutions on the campus of Clark Atlanta University (CAU) to support their commencement ceremony held in mid-May. The technological solutions installed improved situational awareness as many events were being hosted on the campus.

“With numerous activities going on all at one time, I wanted to be able to pinpoint my patrol’s location, while also receiving and analyzing data coming from sensors across the campus,” said Chief Debra Williams, Clark Atlanta University. “We were given the tools that work with our community to not only have complete visibility, but real time data that is processed and analyzed directly from our network. This allowed our communications center to quickly identify personnel in close proximity to an incident to improve our response time and also located personnel in a timely manner, if an immediate threat was upon us.”

The system was implemented in just two days, with a full briefing given to Chief Williams and her team. BlueforceCOMMAND provided Chief Williams with a “single pane of glass” dashboard to see what is happening across several data points including people, sensors, and anonymous sensors. Utilizing datapoints from BlueforcePATROL, BlueforceTACTICAL and BlueforceEDGE provided multi-level, real-time information allowing the team to analyze and make critical decisions at the chief’s command center.

You can find more information regarding the work done at Clark Atlanta University here.