BlueforceTACTICAL was the first product in the world to deliver extensible, secure, and scalable body worn sensor fusion. Combined with location services, AI to the edge, PTT, live streaming video, plus unparallel extensibility, our patented edge compute application platform has proven to be the ultimate adaptive “Swiss Army Knife” for mission critical operations where situational awareness is more than just a dot on a map.

While militaries and public safety agencies worldwide leverage the extreme power of our BlueforceTACTICAL offering, many have indicated that elements within their agency don’t carry body worn sensors, but still have a need for tactical awareness of what is going on around them. They don’t carry wearables for physiological monitoring, multi-gas detectors for chemical agents, nor other body worn or proximate sensors, but these non-tactical units have a real need for spatial awareness of their team, inter-agency responders, and possibly even public safety assets in an environment.

For many teams, real time awareness of location and readiness of essential personnel and support assets enables responders and their command elements to deliver on the much-coveted Common Operating Picture (COP) which can positively impact the decision dynamic during an incident or large-scale event. For agencies that just need military-grade tracking and location services, basic collaboration, GIS/POI data sharing, accountability tools, and a need to view streaming video in real-time, Blueforce is proud to announce our brand new BlueforcePATROL for Android and iOS.

BlueforcePATROL (PATROL) provides shared and secure location services for inter-agency personnel, vehicles, and other assets. PATROL doesn’t stop at mere location though, and delivers accountability tools, shared GIS points of interest, secure text, mass broadcast, and information sharing using mobile devices carried by nearly all of us. It’s a cost-effective solution where only the basics are needed for tracking and information sharing amongst a deployed team. The product is the perfect low-cost solution for a wide array of Public Safety events that look more like crowd control than Special Operations, and include:

  • Generalized Blueforce Tracking
  • Special Events
  • Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Response/COOP
  • Corp Security/Close Protection
  • Logistics/Supply Chain

BlueforcePATROL interoperates natively with the entire Blueforce product line, and core features include:

  1. Shared Location: Latitude, longitude, bearing, and MGRS all shared in real-time with those who have a “need to know”.
  2. Collaboration: Share 1:1 text, 1:MANY broadcast, files/BOLOs, and more.
  3. Geospatial Information: Points of interest, incident reporting, geofences, and more.
  4. Accountability tools: PAR Check, PASS Alarm, EVAC, and Rapid Deceleration.
  5. SOS/Duress: Signal a call for help covertly.
  6. Live streaming video viewing, shared amongst the team in real-time from K9’s, bodycams, overhead assets, drones and more.

BlueforcePATROL is available as a standalone product and is also bundled in multiple Public Safety “Starter Kits” in the AWS Marketplace. For more information or a live demo, please ping us at, or call us at +1 866-960-0204.