Announcing the uSwitchPro Plugin for BlueforceEDGE: Orchestrated Control of Far-Flung Sensors and Equipment

When an organization has IoT sensors, surveillance equipment, and even information technology gear deployed to far flung locations across the world, driving to a location to reset a router or a camera can take hours. Arcanum Africa, a Blueforce Platinum reseller based in South Africa, experiences these exact challenges with deployed security equipment as well as counter-poaching technologies designed to protect wildlife. What’s needed is a switching capability that rides on any IP based network and can be accessed over terrestrial and/or satellite data communications circuits for remote monitoring, management, and reset.

Arcanum has selected the uSwitchPro which opens up access control possibilities in the same town, or from across the world. With its ability to control other uSwitch relays remotely across any network, it is perfect for lockdown applications. Plus, the fully self-contained unit does not need a computer and provides control with a simple push of a button via any web browser. But, what about scenarios where fully autonomous control must occur based on multi-sensor events and/or events triggered by a variety of artificial intelligence algorithms? This is where Blueforce sensor fusion, cueing, and orchestration comes in providing an autonomous means to orchestrate action.

As a refresher, orchestration, as supported by the Blueforce software platform, is a means for one of more sensors, combined with recognitional logic (i.e., rules, multi-variant threat detection, and even machine learning models) to autonomously trigger content, broadcasts, and even cued network actions to trigger based on threat severity. Edge-based “mosaic” systems like Blueforce, enable any open/standards-based sensors to dynamically communicate with other sensors, but also in-stream analytics and/or AI driven recognitional driven algorithms. This system of systems approach can deliver one or more coordinated actions that drive safety, survivability, and operational efficiencies in far flung environments.

Blueforce has partnered with Arcanum Africa and uHaveControl (maker of the uSwitchPro) to bring novel sensor fusion and orchestration for physical security, endangered wildlife protection, campus security, and more. Arcanum is using the uSwitchPro for a multitude of applications that include: keeping IP cameras and devices alive, monitoring wildlife protection sensors, surveillance of sensors to minimize theft, remote control of gates in remote areas over IP networks, monitoring the status of health of batteries and solar chargers in remote areas, and more. Now, Arcanum Africa and their customers can take advantage of Blueforce’s multi-sensor fusion and cueing to autonomously trigger events on one or many uSwitchPro devices anywhere in the world.

Blueforce is proud to announce the new uSwitchPro Plugin for BlueforceEDGE. This new plugin provides yet another method to trigger actions based on Blueforce multi-sensor fusion and orchestration. BlueforceEDGE plus the uSwitchPro provides a multitude of solutions for industrial, security and personal applications. BlueforceEDGE plus the uSwitchPro can be deployed to monitor and control everything from IP cameras, kiosks, web signs, cellular routers, servers, DSL and cable modems, RTUs, control sensors, safety equipment, Smart Grid components and much more.

The uSwitchPro Plugin for BlueforceEDGE is now available for BETA testing and includes the following features:

  • Event Actions: Create actions that contain one or more uSwitch relay commands, as well as a default action that will fire after a set timeout.
  • External API: Send POST requests to the BlueforceEDGE plugin that will trigger a pre-defined event action.
  • Blueforce IPM: The plugin exposes our Inter-Process Messaging allowing sensors and logic from disparate manufacturers to “talk” to each other at bus speeds. Send IPMs via Orchestration algorithms and/or other Blueforce plugins to trigger event actions from sensors and AI services from the entire Blueforce IoT ecosystem to include EAGL Gunshot Detection, National Weather Service Alerts, Axis 3D People Counters, and cognitive services from Wi-Fiber and Suspect Technologies.
  • Event Messaging: View uSwitchPro relay status events and more via BlueforceTACTICAL, BlueforceCOMMAND, email, and SMS.

The uSwitchPro Plugin for BlueforceEDGE is entering beta testing now. Agencies and organizations that would like more information on this new capability may contact us using our “Contact Me” form, or by sending an email to