WASHINGTON, March 22, 2023 – Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc., has announced new partnerships to provide powerful mission critical communications and productivity solutions for the national security, public safety and enterprise markets.

Airbus is partnering with Blueforce Development Corp., Common Objects, Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., and Exacom to provide a complete and best-in-class solution for customers using the Airbus Agnet MCx (Mission Critical Push to X) secure communications platform. Already proven in national security, infrastructure, and public safety settings, Agnet is a cloud-based digital solution providing customers with high-quality video, voice, and data in real-time with low latency over broadband networks.

“Airbus U.S. takes pride in its ability to provide solutions for the toughest challenges,” said Robert Geckle, CEO of Airbus U.S. Space & Defense. “These new partnerships offer a universe of customizable solutions for a wide variety of customers to turn data into information to enable better decision making.”

With a suite of internet-connected data-rich sensors provided by Blueforce, multiple robotic platforms capable of navigating rough terrain offered by Common Objects, radio interworking services from Catalyst and critical voice and digital event recording capabilities from Exacom, customers can now create solutions tailored to their requirements, ranging from fire departments responding to a hazmat spill to an airline gate agent coordinating the rapid turnaround of a plane to keep flights on schedule.

Blueforce’s command and control platform, enabled by data rich IoT sensors, AI technology, and deep mission automation tools provides situational awareness that first responders need to make faster and more effective decisions to improve response times and save lives.

These remote sensor solutions can be mounted to Common Objects’ powerful and adaptable mobile platforms such as unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, Spot© the robotic dog, and other robotic vehicles to deliver instantaneous, real-time awareness distributed through the Agnet communication platform.

Catalyst’s IntelliLink™ interworking solution provides the capability for all team members, whether on a smart device or radios using different systems and frequencies, to seamlessly connect to the same mission. Exacom’s evidentiary-grade recording solutions satisfy legal requirements, insurance mandates, and policy compliance in an easily searchable format.
Customer demonstrations are available now through Airbus U.S. Space & Defense at sales.agnet@airbusus.com

Airbus U.S. Space and Defense, headquartered in Arlington, Va., operates under a Special Security Agreement (SSA) with the U.S. Department of Defense. For over 50 years, Airbus has delivered a broad range of advanced products and services to support the U.S. government’s most complex defense, security, space, and intelligence missions. We leverage proven world-class satellites, secure communications platforms, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial systems, and intelligence solutions to overcome our customers’ toughest challenges.

For more information, contact your Airbus Sales Executive or, send an email to info@blueforcedev.com.