To many, sentiment analysis is known as opinion mining, a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine the emotional tone or sentiment expressed in a piece of text. It involves analyzing text data to identify whether the sentiment expressed is positive, negative, neutral, or sometimes even more nuanced emotions like anger, joy, sadness, etc.  The primary goal of sentiment analysis is to understand the underlying sentiment or attitude of the writer or speaker toward a particular subject, product, service, or event.

To Blueforce and our customers in public safety and commercial market sectors, sentiment is particularly powerful in the context of facial expressions, which is a technique used to determine the emotional state of a person based on their facial features and expressions correlated to what they may be seeing, hearing, or experiencing. This is often used in the field of computer vision and emotion recognition. Sentiment analysis per face involves analyzing facial expressions to determine the emotional sentiment being conveyed by a person’s face. This typically involves using image or video data to identify facial landmarks, muscle movements, and other visual cues that can indicate emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and more.

For our commercial customers, especially our work in retail with Samsung Display, sentiment analysis delivers several benefits when working to enhance customer experience, increase basket size, and also impact conversion. These benefits include:

  • Market Research and Advertising: Retail brands can use facial sentiment analysis to understand how people react to their advertisements, products, or services. This information can help tailor marketing strategies.
  • Customer Experience Design: In customer experience design, analyzing facial expressions can provide insights into how users feel while interacting with products or interfaces, leading to improvements in design and usability.

For our healthcare customers, sentiment analysis per face can be applied in healthcare to monitor patients’ emotional states and detect signs of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders. Blueforce is implementing this now to gauge interactions in the hospital setting, but also to measure patient reaction during diagnostic testing.

For public safety, sentiment can be a critical element when the outcome is detection when a crowd is becoming hostile, thereby allowing faster reaction to cool tempers before a flare-up.
Blueforce is thrilled to announce our new Sentiment Analysis Plugin for BlueforceEDGE, powered by AWS Rekognition, which allows any optical sensor to promote images for analysis and then enabling sensor cueing and even environmental sensory orchestration. The plugin is now available for beat testing and can interact with scores of IoT sensors and imagers already supported by Blueforce today.

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