Every day,  our physical and digital worlds become increasingly intertwined, presenting huge opportunities for investments in a future of continuous and lasting change.  This is true of Smart Cities, but also intelligent retail and smarter buildings.  This digitalization of the cyber-physical world is especially promising for municipalities to uncover opportunities and overcome challenges specific to the ever present goal of creating “safer cities”.  Critical to all of this is the Internet of Things (IoT), AI-enabled sense-making, and intelligence-driven human and autonomous workflows.

A cornerstone to the promise of Safer Cities and Smart Buildings is sensor fusion, where a wide array of “best-in-class” IoT sensors (from a wide range of manufacturers) can be leveraged, fused, and autonomously monitored by multi-variant threat detection stream analytics.  What moves us from mere “detection” and on towards prevention and response efficiency is “sensor cueing”, where these same sensors can be autonomously orchestrated to accelerate sense-making of a threat, but also direct a more informed response.

While gunshot detection has been a critical component of the Public Safety/Smart City equation for outdoor environments, interior detection is becoming a “must-have” for schools and commercial environments.  Legacy and monolithic shot detection systems have been around for some time, but with them comes massive expense and increasingly questionable outcomes.  Distributed gunshot detection that can be cued and compared with other sensors in an environment can dramatically reduce false positives while delivering intelligence-driven emergency response protocols.

EAGL Technology has driven the industry into new territory by combining both indoor and outdoor detection on the same technology platform.  The core of EAGL’s sensor technology (developed by the Department of Energy) uses advanced and patented algorithms to analyze firearm discharge event providing the best accuracy in the industry.  EAGL also believes that gunshot detection should be an integrated component technology as part of a broader security plan, not a stand-alone application.

Blueforce is proud to announce our new EAGL Gunshot Detection Plugin for BlueforceEDGE.  Leveraging EAGL’s open API and analog I/O functions as part of this new Blueforce Plugin, Blueforce customers can quickly leverage EAGL technology for multi- (and disparate) sensor fusion and cueing for integrated base defense, smart schools, smart cities and more.  The new plugin, combined with existing Blueforce support for more than 290 sensors from 90+ manufacturers, delivers a multitude of operational benefits which include:

  • Shared Situational Awareness: All channel awareness of where your resources are, and what is going on around them. Plus, EAGL detections, smart city infrastructure, unattended grounds sensors, and more on Blueforce’s “single pane of glass” common operating picture.
  • Sensor Cueing: The EAGL Plugin can cue an Axis PTZ camera via the Blueforce ONVIF Plugin to pan-tilt-zoom to the detection, capture a frame or real-time video stream, and run it through a Blueforce Plugin AI container providing object identification and face counting.  All of this in seconds without human intervention.
  • Multi-Variant Threat Detection: The EAGL Plugin for BlueforceEDGE can serve as one of many sensors persistently monitored by our soon to be announced multi-variant threat detection algorithms providing enhanced awareness across a broad range of IoT sensors and AI algorithms accelerating recognition and setting off autonomous, but orchestrated, notification and response protocols.
  • Speed and Proximity of Response: The EAGL Plugin for BlueforceEDGE can also leverage our hyper-local interfaces such that responders who are poised (and equipped) to act and are proximate to the event, can be notified in seconds.
  • Intelligence Driven Orchestration: The EAGL Plugin for BlueforceEDGE serves as yet another input into our new Orchestration Module that enables incident specific rules to kick-off orchestration events that can flash the lights in a Wi-Fiber Intelligent Lamp Head, or play audio messages via distributed Axis IP speakers, or flip content on Samsung MagicINFO enabled smart displays throughout a smart city or building to provide better instruction to those proximate to an event.

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