SIX capabilities, powered by Blueforce’s edge IoT technology, that deliver immense capability to our National Security Operators and Organizations.

Pervasive sensor technology presents the opportunity for operators to extend their capabilities, share information horizontally, and swarm faster than their adversaries, by communicating with devices that are installed at fixed locations, carried, mounted on manned and unmanned systems, or worn on the body, the latter of which we refer to as low size, weight, and power (SWaP) sensors.

The Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) poses an interoperability challenge to integrate disparate, non-standard data streams and proprietary viewer applications. There are many available standards for exfiltrating and receiving data, but no agreed upon services architecture or standardized exchange methods. Sensors and communication devices that require point integration at each system to consume their data may be tied to disparate protocols and non-standard message and data formats, processed through proprietary, stove-piped viewer applications, making sensor fusion and mission networking exchanges slow and expensive, while introducing fragility and higher performance requirements.

Fusing sensor output in a format that is sharable across network and organizational boundaries requires a new approach. In accordance with DoD guidance, a services-oriented methodology reduces complexity, collapses delivery timelines, and contains the cost of development, while bridging all domain mission networking.

Download the eBook to learn more about Blueforce and how we enable IoBT for:

  1. Hyper Enabled Operator
  2. Integrated Base Defense and Force Protection
  3. Unattended Ground Sensors
  4. Joint All-Domain Command & Control
  5. Autonomous Overwatch and Operational Sustainment
  6. Biological and Physiological Swarm Intelligence

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