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Situational awareness is a critical component for Incident Commanders making life and death decisions in time constrained environments. As the internet has matured, and public safety IoT/sensors are deployed, the commander now has access to a wide array of data that transcends mere location and map markups. With this proliferation of public safety sensors, drones, robotics, and now smart city infrastructure, the commander has an ever...

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Despite rapid advances in weapon-mounted digital optics, target acquisition through-the-optic, classification, and identification have changed very little. It comes down to the operator visually acquiring a target and assessing its friend/foe affiliation and threat potential. This “tried and true” methodology is vulnerable to several points of failure. The foremost vulnerability is reliance on the operator’s ability to classify and identify the target, which may appear...

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Gaining real-time access to the wide array of video sources at an incident location has always been one of the "golden rings" of interest for on-scene Command. We largely trust our eyes and value visual confirmation as we consider the criticality and impacts of the decisions that need to be made. For incident-based video sources and the associated live streaming, low latency influences the sense...

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