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autonomous agents

Here at Blueforce, we think back just ten years ago and the state of personal computing at the time. We were fresh out of Iraq and post-9/11 and simple gamecam capabilities could run a DoD unit upwards of $80,000 a sensor. Military and emergency management groups alike have long been keen for sensors that can be left behind if need be. Ones that are inexpensive...

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The beauty of being human is that most of us live our lives believing the best in others and that life will be normal and predictive. We expect that things are always orderly and too often, that events that suddenly break the mold of normalcy, aren't as bad as we might want to consider. Our brain is predisposed to assume that things will carry on...

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The intelligence community has been warning for some time about “home made” explosive and chemical weapons, many of which can be fashioned from materials bought at Home Depot or the local pool supply store. Fast forward to Saturday March 14, 2015 when leaders in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq provided the Reuters news organization with soil and clothing samples taken by the peshmerga from...

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